April 23, 2023

36: The Frightful World of Imaginary Friends, Part 1

36: The Frightful World of Imaginary Friends, Part 1

A young girl returns from pre-school and tells her mother all about her new friend Soosha. She wants a colour backpack like Soosha, and hair ribbons like Soosha. She talks of Soosha every day after school.

The girls mother attend a school event and, out of curiousity, asks a teacher to point out who Soosha is.

The teacher says…'We have no girl called Soosha here.'

Who are these invisible companions who young children speak to - are they harmless figments of a healthy imagination, or something supernatural…even sinister.

I’m Peter Laws, and tonight on this two part episode, we explore ‘The Frightful World of Imaginary Friends.’

Core Source:
https://cfz.org.uk/book/invizikids/ (book by Michael Hallowell)

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