May 8, 2022

18: 18: The Pitchfork Witch Murder

18: 18: The Pitchfork Witch Murder

Valentines Day, 1945, and a mutilated corpse is found on Meon Hill - an English spot that is notorious for tales of phantom black dogs and witchcraft rituals. The victim is Charles Walton and his murder is hellish. His head almost severed with a bill hook; a pitchfork slammed into his face.

When Scotland Yard despatch the famous Detective Fabian to investigate, he assumes the case will be quickly solved. He is wrong and is thrown into a weird world of pagan ritual, superstition. witchcraft and most of all...secrets.

I'm Peter Laws, and we're about to head up to the mist shrouded hills of Shakespeare Country, for a frightful mystery: The Pitchfork Witch Murder...the longest unsolved killing in the history of Warwickshire.

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